• Research and dissemination
Research has been undertaken on a range of questions relating to the existing legal framework and the practices of PMCs/PSCs. National legislation and judicial practice has been collected and annotated. Research results were broadly disseminated within the scientific community and beyond by means of two academic volumes, reports, publications, articles in academic journals, workshops and conferences.

• Creation of a European academic network in the field of regulation of the private military and security sector
The project consortium comprises seven European research institutions, each bringing to the project recognized expertise in the fields of international relations and international legal research. PRIV-WAR has created a European academic network, with the future participation of other institutions.

• Dialogue with practitioners and stakeholders
PRIV-WAR has promoted ongoing exchanges of views among researchers, stakeholders, practitioners and industry representatives. Dialogue with these parties has informed the research and ensured that policy recommendations benefited from the input of all relevant players.

• Development of a European approach to regulation
The project has formulated proposals for a satisfactory regulatory scheme within the European Union to ensure accountability and responsibility of PMCS/PSCS. Maintaining a focus on the role of human rights and international humanitarian law, the project has identified possible approaches and legal tools, including licensing and registration.